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Where Agents Come To Learn How To Explode Their Income, Quadruple Their Profits And Halve Their Workload...
Whilst Building The Team They've Always Dreamed Of!
October 4th - 6th, 2019 in Heathrow, London
"Join Sally and hundreds of other Agent Rainmakers at Agent Rainmaker LIVE 2019!"
hear how over 15 agents transformed their businesses 
with just small changes... 
Real Life Agent Success Stories, told by the Agents themselves
learn loads of BRAND NEW Agent Growth Strategies 
ready for the challenges of 2019
What's the BIG challenges? 
1. BELIEF - How to find the right strategy for YOU
It cannot be done… they say...

The challenge with an agency is that there are so many misguided "Beliefs" that your staff will tell you, the industry will tell you, your competition and even the press will tell you, it's almost like it's a conspiracy to hold you back…

We have gathered the most inspiring agents, who have achieved what most would say are impossible to show you exactly what CAN BE DONE if you set your mind to it and act and work ON your business not always IN your business

In fact, can you remember why you started in business in the first place?

Was this what you signed up for?

For many it was to create a future, to leave a legacy, to make a difference and to serve people, however many are trapped in a place they never wanted to be, but that can be changed, with a change of mindset and beliefs of what you are worth, what can be done and the guidance on how to do it.
2. Income - How to generate more income 
The next BIG challenge is that we are just NOT making enough money, with all that we HAVE to do now by law and the EXTRA work the landlords ASK us to do, PLUS having to compete against the fee cutting agents, the onlines and everyone else, it is really, really tough out there…
The belief is that landlords will NOT pay more, that we HAVE to continue to do ALL that we have always done, that we are COMMITTED to doing EVERYTHING to do with the property and that we MUST carry the liability for it all.

But thats not possible... and not SAFE either... 

But it can be changed…
Remember when you DREAMED of owning your own business, the vision you had of being free to make choices, come and go as you please, spend time with your family and go on holiday... 

So, what happened?

The BUSINESS took over you, your life and took your free will...

This happens to all of us at some time in our lives, and when we are in this place, its hard to find a way out... 

In this section our superstar speakers will be sharing how they broke FREE of their businesses and started to act and feel like Business Owners FIRST and Letting Agents SECOND, meaning they are now in control of their business, spend time with their family and have their lives back.

This is possibly the most important section of AR Live, because this is where we learn to get our time back and become who we always knew we could be.
There are SOOO many challenges right now, things that we can only solve by working together.

At ARL2019, you will hear REAL LIFE Business SUCCESS stories, told by the agents themselves, NORMAL Letting Agents, just like you, that have challenged every fear to firstly to make MASSIVE changes in their businesses, but then to stand on stage and share their story, we have been coaching them especially for this event, to speak on stage, so that YOU can share and hear their story, first hand…

And this time last year, they were in the audience, being inspired by last years speakers... 

Could you be on stage next year?

Because it's important, that we ALL work together and learn and support each other too.

All the stories are different, but they have one similarity, their change came about from starting off in a dark place, worried about:
  •  Not making enough money
  •  Not being able to cover rising costs
  •  The rising levels of workload of their team
  •  Doing so much for FREE
  •  Teams not performing 
  •  Running out of property stock 
  •  Not enough leads coming through
  •  Marketing not working
  •  Not sure where or how to market 
  •  Life being taken over - no free time
  •  Feeling all had been done, not sure what else they could do
  •  Aged business, with a "we have always done it like this" mentality that's hard to change
  •  Property managers all stressed
  •  Compliance overload
  •  Fear of getting stuff wrong
  •  Staying ahead of legislative changes
  •  Rising number of Let Only instructions
  •  Reducing Properties under management
I'm sure you will agree, these are stories that we can all relate to, because we have all been in the same place at some time, but the difference here is that they will also share what steps they took to break free and evolve their businesses, little by little.

These agents are challenging their fears and standing on this stage to help YOU and to make sure that YOU learn how they broke through, so that you will learn how to do the same, but not from a COACH or trained speaker, but from the horses’ mouth, the agents themselves…
Some of the things you will learn:
  • How to measure the 5 key metrics that are letting your business down
  •  How to create lead generating FUNNELS for your business
  •  Discover how to make everyone accountable 
  •  How to convert Let Only to Fully Managed
  •  How to generate 100+ valuations in 2 hours
  •  How to break free from your business and get your life back
  •  How to turn your tenancy managers into profit centres
  •  Charge what you are worth
Just imagine being able to go back into your business and make those changes?
What would that be worth to you?
We have so much to pack in, so many stories, we have had to make it a 3-day event this year…
(in fact, we could have made it 4 days)
A Message From Sally Lawson
Hi Rainmakers,

I can’t believe it’s a whole year, since we were preparing for our first ever Agent Rainmaker LIVE 2018, and what a difference a year makes!
It is just a few short months away until we will be getting together again, to celebrate those of our community that have achieved phenomenal things with their businesses despite the many challenges we are facing in every area, right now.

For this, our second year, we will be bringing you REAL LIFE stories of other agents just like you, that have had amazing transformations as a result of taking action and making changes, some of those changes things that they never thought possible.

We are bringing them all together, so that YOU can benefit from THEIR journey and do the same…

You will learn exactly what to do RIGHT NOW in your business, these are not stories or successes from 10, 5 or even 3 years ago, these are THIS YEARS stories…

I promise also that this will NOT be like ANY conference you have been to before, you will walk away feeling motivated and inspired to make the changes or take the action you need to take, with YOUR business, and have the knowledge to know how to do just that, too.

Most of the stories you will hear this year, are from people that were in the audience last year, hearing how others had made a difference and as a result took action themselves…

You will be surrounded by literally hundreds of “Can Do” Letting Agents, all wanting to work together, share ideas and help each other be better.

The Agent Rainmaker Community is one of support, belonging and helping each other to be better, for the good of the industry as a whole and that’s what makes it awesome…
  • This year it's YOUR turn, to make that difference 
  • It's YOUR chance to make that change
  • And next year... Who knows, I hope it's YOU sharing YOUR story to inspire others
You will also learn how to: 
  •  Cut your tenancy managers workload by half
  • ​Discover the CEO toolkit to run your business for you
  • ​How to GROW your agency FAST with ONE deal (or several)
  • ​How to restructure your services to suit 2020 and beyond
  • ​How to generate LEADS automatically
  • ​How to create your own prospecting pool
  • ​What next... Learn where you could go to next with your business and how
  • ​How to NEVER take on a Let Only landlord again
  •  How to NEVER reduce your fees again
  •  Create high performing and accountable teams
Meet The Speakers
Sally Lawson
Founder of Agent Rainmaker, former ARLA president, Author and Letting Agent of 29 years, Sally will be sharing the EXACT strategies that she has taught 100's of agents, that have resulted in HUGE income growth.
Tosin Ogunnusi
Worldwide mindset and Empowerment coach, and multiple author, Tosin will be sharing how to take control of your mindset, actions and beliefs, to enable you to break free of previous anchors holding you back.
Andrew Reece
Super-successful Australian Letting Agent, Andrew managed to grow his agency business from 34 properties under management, using one unusual technique based around the property managers. You NEED to hear this!
Nigel Risner
Multiple Author, worldwide speaker and a HUGE hit from ARL2018, Nigel is back to share how absolute focus and attention with the right action, can move mountains and your business! (He's pretty funny too!)
Daniel Prestley
A successful entrepreneur and international speaker, Daniel has built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Daniel is also the author of four best-selling books Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution, Oversubscribed and 24 Assets.
Scott Yarington
After losing his legs by stepping on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, Scott wasn't able to continue doing what he had always done. Instead he had to adapt, and began to use his experience to share with the younger generation. 
Sue Gidney
After 30 years, sue didn't know what to do to grow her business, however, but following one simple strategy, she has added a whopping £1MILLION to her business!
Adam Lawrence
Adam wasn't even a Letting Agent, but he was a landlord with a management problem. Learning one of the AR strategies for acquisition without funds, Adam built a business portfolio of £1M + revenue PA in 18 months!
Angharad Trueman
New MD to a 30-year-old business, Harry needed to make massive changes. By building the dream team and by working together, they added over £500K to the business!
Ben Churchill
About to take the helm of a family business, disaster struck! Ben has to challenge fears, learn new skills and take control. Hear how he transformed his family business and became the local expert for all things property.
Melissa Green
Already running a HUGE business, Melissa needed to focus on prospecting. After learning a new technique and getting the whole team on board, she managed to add over £1.1MILLION in revenue in just 6 months!
Barrie Mcdowell
Barries business needed something NEW, it was stuck in old ways, and doing too much for free. Digging into the numbers, analysing costs and restructuring services, Barrie has completely transformed his business, adding £100K+
Cara Khadaroo
After years of working 18 hour days, her family and children had forgotten who she was! By taking this one action, she now works 'Mom' hours, has generated £140K in 9 months and got her life back!
Sharon Canning
As a single Mom, Sharon carried a heavy burden. But also felt her customers asked too much of her. Struggling to cope, Sharon learnt how to value her time, make MORE money and re-educate her clients, and get back control!
Nadine Willis
As a new branch manager, ambitious and hungry, Nadine needed to make an impact. Learning AR conversion techniques, she now holds the title for 12 months 100% Fully Managed Instruction, resulting in promotion!
Heather Hilder-Darling
Depressed, disillusioned and desperate with her business. Heather didn't know which way to turn... Now, back in control, her business is flying and she loves every day. All through prospecting, growth and income strategies. 
Martin Thacker and Heather Revitt
Scared by the Tenant Fee Ban, with ideas of reducing staff, and having to go back into the business, they will share how with ONE SINGLE action, they beat the ban and become business owners and got the lives they always wanted!
Satish Patel and Kamlesh Padhra
After years growing their business, they were hit with the TFB, which would wipe out almost all of their profit. They implemented AR structures, added focus and 
re-aligned their team, resulting in a £320K income growth!
James Scollard
James was running a highly successful business, however, the Tenant Fee Ban was set to wipe out all profit. He will be sharing how in ONE simple step, he replaced this income.  
Sue Stocks
Sue and her husbands business had stood still for years. However, with ONE change, she managed to double her portfolio in just 18 months!
You're just ONE ACTION away...
Find YOUR success Story at Agent Rainmaker LIVE 2019
"But do you know which ACTION you need to make?"
We will show you which ones at Agent Rainmaker LIVE...
Right now, the industry is being attacked from all angles, everywhere we look, someone is creating legislation, making changes that affect us and our customer financially and mentally… every change means we have to take on more work, carry higher risk and for in most cases less of a fee…

The point we have got to as agents is that we just cannot carry on as we are, something has to give, and either it’s us that gives (and many are leaving the industry), or we make the changes necessary to survive, thrive and transform our businesses into profitable fun places to be again, just like they used to be…

That’s our mission, our purpose and our reason for creating Agent Rainmaker brand to bring agents together, our people, to talk, share, discuss and discover all the options before us, on how we can evolve to become current, efficient and profitable in the current climate.
To see what is working NOW, what worked for WHO so that we can all learn and share in the success and REPLICATE it in our own businesses. 

What happened in doing this we realised, that we can together actually go a whole lot further and then beyond just profitable to a whole new level, growing, building, acquiring and transforming our services to be better for the customer, better for us and putting us all in a much better position for the future and for future generations too.

The new age of agency is exciting, with so many opportunities, this event, Agent Rainmaker LIVE, is where we have bought together, 15 of the most amazing successful agent stories from over the last 12 months, to share with YOU, so that you can see, hear and feel their stories, and how the small changes have meant huge results for them and their families and their lives, but also, to their businesses and colleagues.

You will hear about all types of strategies from all different sizes of agency, from new starts, one-man bands, to multi-branch giants, but the strange thing is, no matter what your size, the problems are the same…

Lack of time, doing too much for free, not making enough money, over demanding clients, tough market, low fees and ever increasing legislation, not to mention the competition and landlord taxation too.

Last year was our FIRST EVER Agent Rainmaker event and I'll be honest, I had no idea how it would go, but I have to say the event was MIND BLOWING!

How everyone was so willing to share, get involved, help each other and discuss progress and dynamics, it blew me away.

I have been in the industry for 30 years now, and NEVER before have I been in a room, an environment or any conference, where other agents are so willing to talk and coach each other to achieve success…

It just proves, that by coming together, we can and are building something better for all of us…

It is powerful and unique, that's what's awesome about Agent Rainmaker LIVE
Sally and the Agent Rainmaker TEAM
Thursday 3rd October 2019
 Mandatory Registration From 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
The event kicks off on Thursday! 
Be sure to arrive early on Thursday so that you have plenty of time to register for the event, and so you have time to network with other Rainmakers the night before we get started!

Remember what happened at ARL 2018? 

The attendees arrived on the morning of the first day at different times, some due to traffic delays, some due to transport delays, and it resulted in the registration taking longer than anticipated. 

Some even missed the opening speakers of the event! 

So in order to prevent the same thing happening (and as we have doubled the  amount of seats this year!), we will be opening the registration on Thursday from 4PM to 8PM.

I’ve got some really cool things planned out for early Friday, and you do NOT want to still be travelling, and get a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out…)

So...word to the wise...plan to arrive early enough on Thursday with plenty of time to settle in, register, and network! 
Friday, October 4th 2019
The BIG Challenges
BELIEF - How to find the right strategy for YOU
Some of the speakers we have who will be challenging mindset are: 
Tosin Ogunnusi
Scott Yarrington
Ben Quaintrell
Nigel Risner
Last year at Agent Rainmaker Live, together, we raised in the end over £30,000 for the charity Promise Dreams.

As a result of this, over 16 terminally ill children received their last wishes and had their dreams come true.

This year will be explaining where our donations were spent and showing us the amazing work they do...
Lets change LOADS MORE lives this year…
The BIG Challenges
Income - How to generate more income 
There are opportunities to grow your income… these guys will show you HOW!
Ben Churchill
Adam Lawrence
James Scollard
Friday 6-8PM
Have you ever heard the saying:
"You Are The AVERAGE Of Your Five Closest Friends?"
Join us on Friday Evening, for our Round Table event, where our superstars past and present, will each host a table and be available for you to ask questions, seek guidance and find out which strategy will work best for you. 

A Buffet Evening supper will be served and the event will be a chance to mix, mingle and network, as well as really probe into any of the strategies, that you feel would really work for you.
The BIG Challenges
These speakers will share with you how they were able to regain control over their businesses, but more importantly, get their TIME and LIVES back!
Vittorio Fierro
Angharad Trueman
Martin & Heather 
Tosin Ogunnusi
Nasim Patel
Satish & Kamlesh
Sharon Canning
Daniel Priestley
Cara Khadaroo
Heather Hilder-Darling
Agent Rainmaker AWARDS evening and Dinner 
Saturday 5th October - 6:30-12:00 midnight 
Saturday evening will only be the second agent Rainmaker AWARDS ceremony and party, hosted by a truly witty compere, that will have you in stitches throughout the night you will get to find out, who are the winners of the sought after Agent Rainmaker Awards
There are many categories with a few new ones this year…

Here are some images from the winners of last year… will you be a winner and be here celebrating with your team?
All winners get entered into the hall of fame forever too… 

There are only 250 spaces to the evening event and these tickets sell out fast as not everyone will be able to attend who is attending the conference, so early booking if you entering for an award is essential
“That’s going to be ME next year at ARL!"
Special Bonus: First 200 Tickets ONLY...
Before You Come To This Years Event... Check out these videos from last years Agent Rainmaker LIVE!
Video #1: What makes Agent Rainmaker LIVE different...
Video #2: Why you should come to Agent Rainmaker LIVE 
Video #3: We raised over £26K for Charity at ARL2018!
We ONLY Have 200 To Give Out! 
If You Are One Of The First 200 Who Buy Tickets For This Year's ARL, We Will send You An Exclusive Limited Edition Box of AR Goodies worth over £200 for FREE! 
PLUS you will also have the chance to enter a competition to win a place on our 1 week Agent Rainmaker CRUISE to the BAHAMAS in 2020!
Thanks again, and we're SO excited to see you at the event!
Sally Lawson

You also have a chance of being one of the first 200 who will get a surprise SPECIAL gift box in the mail, with a chance to win a really special prize too. 

Admission Levels Available:
Your £200 Discount Ends in:
SAVE £200 until 31st Aug
GENERAL ADmission (3 DAYS)
*All prices are plus VAT
Full Price - £597 + VAT
  • General Seating worth £597 +VAT
  • Limited Edition Swag Bag 
  • Access to the Round Table Mastermind Session
  • Refreshments on each day
  • High Powered Networking Lunch  on each day
SAVE £200 until 31st Aug
VIP ADmission (3 DAYS)
*All prices are plus VAT
Full Price - £697 + VAT
  • VIP Seating and Early Access to All Sessions worth £697 + VAT
  • Limited Edition VIP Agent Rainmaker Swag Bag
  • Access to the Round Table Mastermind Session
  • Refreshments on each day
  • High Powered Networking Lunch on each day
  • Access to Slides from each day
*All prices are plus VAT
  • 'Access All Areas' Pass with Exclusive Front Row Seating Section worth £1097 + VAT
  • Limited Edition Exclusive Agent Rainmaker Swag Bag
  • Access to the Round Table Mastermind Session
  • Refreshments on each day
  • High Powered Networking Lunch on each day
  • Access to Slides from each day
  • Access to the Agent Rainmaker Party!
  • Exclusive Drinks Reception
  • Conference Dinner
Event Timings:
4th - 6th October 2019
Registration opens on the 3rd at 4PM - 8PM
First Speakers start at 9:30AM each day
Friday Day finishes at 8:00PM (mastermind round tables) 
Saturday & Sunday finish at 5:30PM
Saturday award ceremony and dinner starts at 6:30PM until 1:00AM
Event Location:
Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5
Bath Road, Longford
London UB7 0ET
When’s Agent Rainmaker Live 2019 happening?
The dates are 4th - 6th October in London Heathrow. Registration opens at 4PM on Thursday 3rd until 8PM, and the first speaker of the day will come on at 9:30AM on the 4th. Each day we aim to finish at 5:30PM (with the exception of Friday when we have the Mastermind Round Tables until 8PM).

Where’s it happening?
Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5
Bath Road, Longford London UB7 0EB

How my ticket be sent to me?
You should receive ticket confirmation via email. If you don’t receive your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing please contact us on team@propertyagentscircle.co.uk

Is the event right for me?
Yes, if you are an independent letting agent who wants grow their business and learn from experts.

Where can I stay?
We have organised a discounted rate at the event hotel, although there are limited numbers- to take advantage of this email team@propertyagentscircle.co.uk. Alternatively, there are many hotels situated in the London Heathrow area.

Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.  

Can I get refund if I can’t attend?
No, but you can request to transfer the ticket to another names person, and this request to be carried out by Agent Rainmaker offices and consent must be sought by email.

What Should I Wear?
The dress code is smart casual for the event or Agent Rainmaker SWAG. Our event room WILL be on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, or jacket.

Any Other Questions?
Contact us: team@propertyagentscircle.co.uk
Call us: 01902 420762 
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Company Number: 07110051
VAT Registration: 998 8734 23
Company Registered Address: 10 Summerfield Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4PR